W E L C O M E We’d like to introduce ourselves to you. We are a new church that seeks to fulfill together the purposes of God in Toronto and beyond. We desire to experience what it is to be God’s family, to learn how to follow Jesus, to serve others through our gifts, to reach out to people in our community, and to worship God in meaningful ways. 

We hope to connect with you and to be of service in fulfilling God’s desires for your life. Our prayer is that God would always extend His grace and love to you! 

You may reach us through @ 905-492-6492, or e-mail at email@gcftoronto.com

Directions: From Kennedy Station, take the 86 Scarborough bus towards Sheppard Get off at Highland Creek intersecting Kingston Road, walk to 305 Morrish Road Directions from subway

Worship service location: Salvation Army West Hill Community Church 305 Morrish Road, Scarborough, ON M1C 1E9

Prayer Time Every Sunday, 1:30 – 2:00 PM  Sunday Worship Service: 2:00 PM