Evangelizing Ministry
For the glory of God, the Evangelizing Ministry serves as the catalyst of the church towards fulfilling the Great Commission through local, cross-cultural and global evangelism and missions initiatives.
The Evangelizing Ministry aims to empower church members to proclaim the Gospel to influencers in strategic areas worldwide, care for missionaries, support other Christian organizations, and conduct social concern initiatives as part of the Gospel proclamation. The Evangelizing Ministry is also in-charge with the Class 401 Evangelizing classes.
Edifying Ministry
Consistent with the overall mission of Greenhills Christian Fellowship, the Edifying Ministry aims to serve and equip believers in the task of ministering to one another toward spiritual transformation and maturity.
It aims to assist believers and inquiries about what GCF is all about and how they could become members. New members are encouraged to be part of the church body through service in the various ministries
We have a pool of disciplers who are trained to help a person become familiar and grounded in the basic spiritual discipline. Depending on your schedule, we can partner you with a discipler to help you in your spiritual walk. We recognize that discipleship is the task of the whole church and is not the sole responsibility of one department. As such, we network with the other ministries to coordinate our discipleship efforts.
Other ministries under the Edifying Ministry umbrella are the Women’s (GEMS- God Empowered Mothers and Sisters) Fellowship, Growth Groups, Kingsmen- Men’s Fellowship, Counseling, Constant Connection Prayer Bulletins, Church Prayer Meetings, Funeral Services and Class 201 Discipleship classes.
Equipping Ministry
The Equipping Ministry exists to prepare the body of believers in GCF through biblical teaching for effective ministry in order that the church may attain Christ-like maturity.
We aspire to train leaders and members in areas of doctrine, skills and character that will prepare them to disciple people in growth groups with the intention of developing new leaders. Also we train members to effectively perform their assigned ministries. The Equipping Ministry is in charge of the Class 301 Equipping Classes.
Enabling Ministry
The church’s auxiliary arm, the Enabling Ministry, ensures that programs of other mainstream ministries are well-supported in the administrative aspects such as: finance, logistics/facilities, human resources, ministry coordination, church communications, information dissemination, and other needed assistance.
The Enabling Ministry also sees to it that there is proper stewardship of all the resources that God has graciously provided.
Ministries under the Enabling Ministry umbrella are Activity Venues and Facilities, Human Resources, Finance, and other church Adminstrative groups.
Educating Ministry
The Educating Ministry is the GCF’s arm towards fulfilling our task of caring for our children, youths and young professionals. At GCF we seek to educate our younger generations and prepare them to take responsibilities on key ministries and leadership roles in the years ahead. We believe that simultaneous caring and teaching of God’s word to these three generations through Children Sunday Schools, Youth Fellowships and Camps, is key to ensuring continuity of God’s work many years ahead. It is also our way of helping our younger generations become positive influencers among their peers in school and the community. The ministries under the Educating Ministry are the Children’s Ministry, Youths and Young Professionals Group.
Exalting Ministry
The Exalting Ministry is the ministry arm of GCF that seeks to lead God’s people to Worship Appropriately, Meaningfully, Fervently, and Effectively.
In line with GCF’s Vision and Mission, it seeks to glorify God by helping people know Christ and make Him known through worship and music ministry opportunities that are dynamic, contextually and culturally sensitive, yet distinctly Spirit-led and biblical.
Worship Band / Instumentalist Pool
Among various expressions of worship found in the Bible is the use of musical instruments in times of festive praise, sacred assemblies and gathering. At GCF, we have a number of volunteers who dedicate their musical skill to the Lord. Our songs of praise and worship are accompanied by bands composed of electronic keyboard, guitars, and drums. Those who wish to be part of this growing ministry, you may contact Elder Lemmy Layda or Mr. Ariel Brion

We welcome people who would like to volunteer for Sunday worship services – slide and bulletin makers, technical staff, singers, ushers and others. For inquiries, you may get in touch with Deaconess Edith Santibanez .